Dublin Turk Evi (Turkish Community Center)

(ETAC) Empowering the Turkish Community Board Members: Hulya Koc, Arzu Brown, Sibel Nisanoglu and Firuze Gokce at the Opening Ceremony of the Dublin Turkish American Community Center
ETAC co-founders Hulya Koc, Arzu Brown, Sibel Nisanoglu, Firuze Gokce

ETAC is proud to have opened the first Northern California Community Center in Dublin, on April 29, 2019. The Turkish American Community response was outstanding for the opening ceremony. Many community members registered as volunteers to support all the ongoing efforts. ETAC is happy to announce that more centers will be opened in the Bay Area, including Sunnyvale and San Francisco locations.


The role and function of the community centers is to have more engaged and participatory Turkish-Americans in their communities.  While serving as community-gathering places for recreation, leisure, and socialization, the centers also support programs in youth engagement, social services, safety, neighborhood vitality, health, and education.

The community centers provide resource and referral services in areas such as Education, Health, Employment /Business and Legal. Their mission will always focus on the changing needs of the local community members and meeting these needs through partnerships with both Turkish & American organizations to support safe environments and strong communities.

 The Dublin Community Center is offering special recreational and educational programs dedicated to different age groups such as:


          Mommy/Daddy and Me (A program to help parents spend quality time with their toddles or kids)

          Adult Social  (to help them get connected with other seniors)

          Teenagers Hangout Time (to help teenagers get socialized and play board games or join leadership programs)

          English Conversation Practice (to help those who need to practice and learn conversational English)

          Zumba & Yoga Classes


The ongoing seminars will cover a variety of topics from immigration, legal issues, health insurance, real estate, education and mentoring.


ETAC would like to unify all age groups of the Turkish-American Community to promote happiness, support, collaboration, cultural exchanges, social awareness, and participation in their local community affairs.