This directory aims to foster closer working relationships among the Turkish American (TA) professionals not only in the Bay Area but also all across the USA.

You will get countless benefits by joining the TA Professionals Directory. Joining the directory is free for the first week. Starting from the 2nd week the fee will be applied $100 annually.

Why wait! Join us now and see the benefits of being part of the TA Professionals Community!


1) Your contact information will be listed in the TA Professionals Directory                                              

2) You can easily reach out to the Turkish American Professionals for any particular need specific to the Turkish Community.

3) To be featured on the periodic TA Professionals Newsletters or ETAC USA Newsletters.

4) Link to your company website listed in the TA Professionals Directory.    

5) You can become aware of Business Development opportunities and networking events.           

6) If you are the founder of the company listed in the TA Professionals Directory, you can also use the logo of your company and a short description.

7) You can offer special discounts for the TA Professional Directory Members as well as benefiting any discounts offered by the other members. 

8) If you are an academician you can find a nurturing and supporting peer network within the directory members.

9) The more we increase our coverage of Turkish Professionals across the US the more you have the opportunity to get connected with them.

TA Professionals Directory is a secure list where only directory members can log into the Directory and the information is never going to be shared, sold or used by third parties or the public.

TA Professionals directory is not a commercial environment to buy/sell products or services. No solicitation on our end. However, interaction and exchanges among the TA professionals are allowed.