Gurbuz Doğan Eksioglu is an academician teaching art for 39 years. He studied Graphic Design at the State School of Applied Fine Arts. He started his academic career in the same school in 1980. In his art life which he started with caricature in 1977, he produced works in different fields including illustration, painting and 3D works. He won 46 international and 27 national awards. His work was published in 23 countries. He had 44 solo exhibitions, of which three were international. His work appeared in the most prominent magazine covers, including The New Yorker, Forbes, and others published in Atlantic Monthly and New York Times. The New Yorker magazine was published seven times with covers signed by Gurbuz Doğan Eksioglu. Currently he works at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts. His personal website is: www.gurbuzde.com.