We are celebrating International Women's Day

Join us in celebrating WOMEN all around the world & EMPOWER your community through ETAC!

* IWD auction event starts at Facebook, from Thursday, March 4th @9am to Saturday, March 6th @12pm (PST)

* Fundraising Walk starts on Saturday, March 6th, @1:00 pm (PST) with Özlem Turam at Walnut Creek Civic Park.

* IWD Panel starts on Sunday, March 7th @10.30am at zoom. Panel led by Zeynep Oral and Dr.N.Nalan Hodoğlugil. Nurdan Çivi & Alaturca Connection delight us with their music.

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International Women's Day AUCTION

We are thrilled to announce that ETAC’S International Women’s Day week is kicking off with a very exclusive auction.


The IWD Auction will start on March 4th at 9:00 am and continue until March 6th 12 pm.


Auction Item List:

  1. Hand-knotted, Silk Hereke RUG 117cmX70cm, Framed
  2. Antique 19th C. Handwritten Turkish Quran (in a good shape)
  3. Antique 19th C. Handwritten Turkish Quran (used)
  4. Miniatures, Depicting Ottoman Life
  5. Copper Bowls and Pitcher
  6. Silver Jewelries

and many more items!

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International Women's Day PANEL

Don’t miss out our International Women’s Day Panel led by Cumhuriyet columnist Zeynep Oral, Dr. N. Nalan Hodoğlugil and Nurdan Çivi & Alaturca Connection will be performing delightful music.


Zeynep Oral has worked as Theater Critic, Journalist, Columnist, Editorial. She is currently the President of PEN Yazarlar Dernegi Turkey and columnist at Cumhuriyet.
N.Nalan Hodoglugil MD, Dr.PH is a secret gem who is dedicated to working for empowering and helping underserved and underprivileged women across the world.


Nurdan Çivi & Alaturca Connection is the prominent Turkish Band of The Bay Area. Their music is a bridge between contemporary and traditional.

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International Women's Day PANEL

Saturday we’re walking together for a few hours in the sun. WHY? Because we’re fundraising for the Turkish American Community who loves each other and sticks together. Because this is our community and we believe we can make things better.


Please register to join us and support our community! 


Who is Ozlem Turam?

Ozlem Turam was born in 1966 in Istanbul, and graduated from Istanbul University, with a degree in Spanish literature. She has lived in the Bay Area for sixteen years. She has twin daughters. She worked at a Tourism agency in Istanbul. She has been the house coordinator for the Dublin Turk Evi since May of 2019..

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International Women's Day

If you are interested, Nilgün Özer will be teaching how to prepare this magnificent menu with her secret family recipe.

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Please consider donating and supporting Empowering Turkish and American Community and registering for the free events during the International Women's Day!

ETAC – EMPOWER YOUR COMMUNITY Fund invites a global audience to join us in providing critical resources needed to EMPOWER & STRENGTHEN the presence & the voice of The Turkish American Community.

Your support and generosity for ETAC’s mission will empower the FUTURE GENERATIONS of Turkish Americans to reach their full potential.

ETACUSA Guidestar

ETAC is building for the future by raising funds for these essential efforts:

  • Children’s Club – The Global Story Hour, Library for all ages and other programs’ expansion & maintenance.
  • Turk Evleri in Santa Clara & Dublin – to upgrade/refurbish commensurate with current Covid requirements for reopening.
  • ETAC – Resource & Referral Hotline 1(925)999 INFO – [1(925)999-4636] Manning & maintenance.
  • TAPD(Turkish American Professionals Directory) – Outreach expansion.

*Tips are optional and go to the fundraising platform. If you wish to opt out of tipping, please select “other” in the dropdown menu and change the default tip amount to “0”.

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What are matching gifts?

Corporate matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations.

When an employee makes a donation, they’ll request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their own donation. Companies usually match donations at a 1:1 ratio, but some will match at a 2:1, 3:1, or even a 4:1 ratio.

Why are corporate matching gifts valuable?

Corporate philanthropy and matching gifts are valuable because they are free money for your nonprofit! It gives you more bang for your fundraising buck, so to speak. Your organization will receive two donations for the work of soliciting one, and donors love knowing their gifts went twice as far. 

Why do organizations overlook corporate matching gifts?

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Communicating guidelines and instructions, especially on a wide scale, can be difficult, so nonprofits frequently choose to focus their efforts on traditional fundraising strategies.

Why do companies match donations?

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Corporate matching gifts are an efficient and straightforward way for companies to build relationships with charities.