The Turkish-American Community Center(s) (Turk Evi) have been established by ETAC-USA to serve the changing needs of the Turkish-American Community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are proud to announce that Dublin Turkish American Community Center (Turk Evi) is the first Turkish American Community Center is  the Northern California. 

The purpose of the community centers is to enable and promote unity and social equity among the Turkish-American residents and members by providing a gathering place for them carry on their cultural and social experiences and pass on to next generations.
The role and function of the community centers is and will be an ever-changing one – while serving as places for recreation, leisure, and socialization, the centers also to support for youth development, social services, safety, neighborhood vitality, health, and education.
The community centers provide resource and referral services in their specific locations, in the areas such as Education, Health, Employment, Legal. They serve as anchors of our neighborhoods and support a healthy environment and strong communities. Their mission will always focus on the changing needs of the community members and meeting these needs through partnerships with different organizations – both Turkish & American.


Due to Covid-19 Dublin Turk Evi has canceled its onsite events until further notice


Dublin Community Center Program:

 Address: 7080 Donlon Way Ste 217 Dublin, California 94568

Monday: Closed


Annual Events

  • Jan 12, 2020 Sunday Petaluma Turkish Food, Wine and Culture Festival
  • March 8 International Women’s Day Celebrations and Dublin Turkish Cuisine and Culture Festival
  • End of March – Anatolian Stories
  • First day of Ramadan (this year April 24)
  • April 24 and 25 Fasting breaking meals at different Turkish American Community Centers
  • April 18 and 25 – Children’s Day and Independence Day Celebrations
  • May 16 Youth Day Celebrations
  • Ramadan Bayram Celebrations (this year May 24)
  • Sacrifice Bayram (This year July 31 )
  • Aug 1 and 2 Sacrifice Bayram Celebrations at different Turkish American Community Centers
  • Aug 29 Noah’s Pudding Day – You can come and pick up or bring Noah Pudding to the Turkish American Community Centers.
  • Aug 30 Independence Day Celebrations at Turkish American Community Centers
  • Nov 1 Republic Day Celebrations
  • Nov 8 Commemoration of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  • Dec 5 New Years Party

Reoccurring Events

  • ETAC Bazaar Days once a month on Saturdays
  • Every Wednesday is a Game Night for board and card games or blackgammon
  • Once a month Networking Events for Turkish American Professionals and Students)
  • Brunch on first Sunday of each month
  • Children’s Club every Sunday
  • Book Club last Sunday of each month
  • Discussions or Fireside Chats every other month on the second Tuesday


Since it has been opened we had Bayram Celebrations, Mindfulness classes, Zumba Classes, Book Club, Children Club and many other social and cultural activities at the Community Center.

Do you know that you can rent our Venue for your events?

Dublin Turkish American Community Center is also available for renting its premises for social events. If you want to rent space for your social gatherings please contact us at [email protected]

Check out some of the past events

Open House April 26th 2019

(ETAC) Empowering the Turkish Community Board Members: Hulya Koc, Arzu Brown, Sibel Nisanoglu and Firuze Gokce at the Opening Ceremony of the Dublin Turkish American Community Center

Brunch with Bedri Baykam


ETAC Bazaar Days

ETAC Book Club

ETAC Children's Club

Birthday Parties

Ataturk's Memorial Day (Nov 10)

Republic Day (Oct 29)

A Visit by the Los Angeles Consul General of Turkey Can Oguz

International Women's Day

April 23 Happy National Sovereignty and Children’s Day!

Zoom Meeting

Commemoration of Ataturk and Youth Day May 19

1st Talent Competition