Rescue Package for All – Covid-19 (April 14, 2020)


If you are in the business world as an employee (F/T or P/T), independent contractor, gig worker of any kind OR a business owner,
YOU do NOT want to miss this webinar!

Tuesday April 14, 2020
(only 30 min. with time for questions)

Rescue Programs offered by:

1) The Federal Government,
2) State Governments
3) Local Counties
4) Local Cities
5) Other organizations & NGOs

Their links and some tips.

Information gathered FIRST HAND directly from those sources. Given by Hulya Koc who is a mentor/counselor for the mentoring arm SCORE of SBA (Small Business Administration)

Please register at: https://etacusa.org/donations/event-payment/

Zoom Mtg has been set up for this online meeting. After your registration you’ll get an invitation for zoom meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you! 

Land on Your Dream Job by Hayal Koc (Sep 25, 2019)


ETAC Business Working group is organizing events to help Turkish American professionals in the Bay Area.  Our first event guide job seekers to navigate their way into the job market. 

Hayal Koc from Salesforce was our first speaker and she made an in depth analysis of what are the does and donts of job searching.

Hayal is a Sales Executive at Salesforce, where she helps high-growth companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley grow and scale using Salesforce’s cloud technology. A global businesswoman, she’s lived in San Francisco, New York City and Istanbul and has excelled in five distinct careers. Before Salesforce, Hayal co-founded and led the sales and business development at Expertera, a global HR Tech startup. She remains a Board Member & Advisor today. Prior to that, she spent several years in Strategy Consulting, Corporate Marketing and Investment Banking. Hayal was selected as a top global HR Tech influencer in both 2018 and 2019 and received an Entrepreneur Award from her undergraduate alma mater, Emory University, in 2017. She also has an MBA degree from NYU- Stern Business School.