Arzu Brown Board Member and Secretary



Arzu Brown is currently helping our team with the opening of our first Turkish-American Community Center in Dublin, CA. She is also focusing on working as a free-lace translator, both for professional businesses and for Turkish authors. She has 25 years of work experience and various levels of responsibilities in the fields of Human Resources, Education and Digital Training Systems, and databases,  both in corporate and government agencies to include Coca-Cola, World Bank Projects, and US Department of Defense. Computer management experience includes maintenance of IBM–compatible systems, various software systems, and local-area network management. HR Management experience includes management by objectives, career succession, and climate surveys. While living in Modesto, CA, she and her husband owned a  consultancy business, providing start-ups with human resources management and work place safety services.  Arzu has a Bachelors of Art Degree in English Language & Literature and has had graduate work done in American Literature. She holds a Secondary Education Teaching Certificate in English Literature and currently resides in Dublin, CA, with her husband, Alan, and works on their soon-to-be-non-profit business, an online platform for home businesses to connect,homevendorsonline.com. Arzu enjoys the positive effects of social media and social networking on her Turkish and American communities. She can be reached at [email protected] .