Empowering the Turkish American Community


ETAC – USA (EMPOWERING THE TURKISH-AMERICAN COMMUNITY) was founded to fill the need of a uniting non-profit organization which would accommodate and support the Turkish-American community through different means such as orientation and guidance to both the existing members and the newcomers, empowerment of women and children with the necessary tools and skills, etc.

Our goals include but are not limited to providing support services and guidance to battered women and children and to seniors with lack of means and/or necessary language skills; providing training and guidance to women and children in mentoring other community members; encouraging and enabling our members to be involved in local and national campaigns.

By assisting them to recognize their own potential, we help develop more self-sufficient and self-confident individuals, who will be involved in community volunteerism & leadership and become more productive members of  society.



ETAC-USA aims to empower and enrich the lives of the Turkish-American Community and the Community at large. This will be realized by:

  • Collaborating with public and private partners,
  • Engaging in innovative solutions to issues,
  • Sharing educational, recreational, cultural, occupational & social experiences,
  • Creating opportunities for Turkish-Americans to reach their fullest potential in a sustainable, nurturing, healthy & safe environment,
  • Establishing in the Bay Area, a Community Center for Turkish-Americans and the general public alike that they can call a home –TURK EVI.


ETAC-USA desires to empower and develop the Turkish-American Community so that its members are more independent, more participatory, more engaged and integrated in their local communities.


  • Hulya Koc & Aydin Koc – Founders / Board Co-Presidents
  • Ulku Nisanoglu & Sibel Nisanoglu-Ciftci – Board Co-Vice Presidents
  • Arzu Brown – Secretary
  • Nihan Kara – Treasurer
  • Firuze Gokce & Fethi Gokce – Program Development